About Me

I am an Executive Coach For Ambitious Women ready to move from High Pressure to Transcendence, with unapologetic influence.

I started out my executive career in Human Resources and have been in the people industry of leadership, coaching, and peak performance for over 20 years. I struggled considerably with confidence and self-image for a large chunk of that time. I often lived in a constant state of heightened tension as an executive woman in an all male environment. I often worried that I wasn’t “smart enough” as the others, or that I needed to prove my worth by working endless hours and driving myself crazy with perfectionism. Through extensive coaching and personal development study, I experienced a radical shift. I went from an insecure twenty-something Director of HR to a highly successful Chief HR Officer in a large global organization. I asked for and earned way more money than I thought possible. My opinions were highly valued. I was listened to, respected, and led high engagement teams. As a result of that work, I have full confidence today in my ability to lead, direct, and motivate others to achieve peak performance and become transcendent leaders.

With newfound confidence and a record of success behind me, I found myself aspiring to the next level of career progression. Using the leadership concepts that I now teach others, I came to the conclusion that my life lessons, both personal and professional, could truly help other executive women who struggle with self image and confidence in the corporate world. I could help women advance further and faster, with less effort. As a result, I expanded my knowledge and education in the Coaching and Transformation space. I have advanced training through Canada Coach Academy, International Coach Federation, Coaches Training institute and Association for Change Management Professionals. I am a Certified Associate Neurolinguistic Practitioner and Trainer in HeartMath.

I demand that my clients achieve results. Whether that is a promotion, a salary raise, a dream job, I help women face their reckoning, and walk away with a significant return on investment. I measure my success based on my client’s tangible changes. If you put in 100%, you WILL achieve results. I will challenge you, push you, and demand that you take a stand for your core desires. Whether you are a seasoned leader or a professional woman in Transition, I can help you.