Executive Coaching for Women

Executive Coaching for Women

Less is More. You Do You. Quality First.

I consciously choose quality over quantity any day of the week.

Quality Clothes
Quality Wine
Quality Relationships
Quality Conversations


I would rather have less of something “exquisite” than more of something “mediocre”.

This goes for how often I show up on socials.

This was the theme of my recent podcast interview with Eleanor Beaton on her show, Power, Presence, and Position.

The topic was on social media and how do I as a female founder, market myself.

Here was my answer:

Quality over Quantity.

If you asked me this question two years ago, I would have cringed at the thought of “marketing myself”.

Market myself? Cringe.

“Marketing myself” conjured up images of false advertising, disingenuousness, and fake news.

The truth is I was wildly misinformed. 

I was operating from a paradigm that marketers were sleazy, dishonest, and downright irritating.

 Why did I think that? A combination of instinct + misinformation. 

Well, let me tell you. I have nothing but the most profound respect for marketers now.

When I was a CHRO and I was on the receiving end of emails asking to set up a meeting and promising me x% of return on investment if I buy this platform, or launch that service, I did what most of us do.

I ignored them. Click DELETE.

I don’t have time for that. I’m busy. The more they pinged me, the more annoyed I became. That was my vision of a marketer. Desperate, needy, and irritating. 

How wrong I was.

Look. There is no question that some market better than others. When I receive a follow up email that starts with “are you there?”, I start to bristle and become a little tight.

That’s an example of using my instinct. That’s not the type of communication I respond to. 

However, most of the time the person on the other side of that email or request to meet is a person. 

The difference for me is whether someone is communicating with “conscious intent”.

I can feel conscious intent. I can feel authenticity. I can feel relatability by how someone communicates with me.

This is a game-changer not only in marketing, but in every type of communication. 

What is the higher intent? 

And do I feel good about what I’m hearing, reading, or communicating? Does it feel true to me? 

That’s how I roll. 

I post on social media 3-4X a week, sometimes 5 if I’m in a particularly good mood or eager to communicate something I’m lit up about. 

Communicating with conscious intent means that my communication is “on purpose”, “on point” and “crisp”. I don’t need thousands of followers as an Executive Coach. I don’t want thousands of followers. That sounds exhausting.

I consciously “market” to the type of woman I’m best served to help. That happens to be executive women. Eleanor describes this beautifully in the podcast interview.

If you’re a woman in business plagued by social media overwhelm, you definitely need to listen to this.

If you’re a woman in leadership who simply desires knowing how to create meaningful communication that impacts people, you definitely need to listen to this too.

Believe me ladies, social media overwhelmed me too.

I went through periods of complete abstinence, periods of incessant posting and scrolling, and finally landed in a conscious and intentional place that I’m peaceful about.

As Eleanor Beaton writes, “we can make it complicated or crazy-making”.

Or, you also get to make social media (marketing) fun, simple and on your terms.

You are in charge.

Essentially, YOU decide.

Becoming a masterful communicator is a critical aspect of the type of coaching service I help executive women with. Not necessarily on social media, but definitely in the boardroom.

Communicating with Conscious Intent is a difference maker.

It saves me time, energy, and sanity.

For the full podcast interview, you can go here.

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