Executive Coaching for Women

Executive Coaching for Women

What is your Crucible Moment of 2021?

I used to think that the crazy, unexpected things that happened in my life was just “life”. My favourite line was always, “It is what it is. Deal with it”. The Pandemic?  It just is what it is. Having to home-school? While I slowly died inside as it was happening, it just was what it was. Google Classrooms, off we go.

However, when we start to look at life through the lens of “meaning”, we realize that what happened in 2021 happened FOR us and not TO us.

We all have crucible moments. 2021 was my crucible year.

A crucible is, by definition, a transformative experience through which an individual comes to a new or altered sense of identity.

Those who take the time to pause and reflect on these moments, are the ones who go far.

My Father’s Cancer Diagnosis was a crucible moment – a point of deep reflection that forced me to question my relationship to a man whose voice has been like a consistent echo in my life – forever imprinted.

Another crucible moment was my decision to leave my C-Level role and become an Executive Coach for Women. This massive change required that re-examine my values, question my assumptions, and sharpen my judgement.

My entire identity as a corporate woman working within an organizational framework to a Woman Business Owner solely responsible for my mission and impact – that was a monumental mindset shift.

These are simply two crucible moments I experienced in 2021. I have emerged from the crucible stronger, aligned, fulfilled, and more sure of my purpose than ever before. I have changed in a rather fundamental way from what I have always known to be true.

There are thousands of different decisions we can make in life. You can choose to do nothing. You can choose to run away. You can choose to fight; to spar with whatever your “life” opponent is at the time.

Reflecting on these moments is not as simple as sitting down at Starbucks with a journal and sipping on a latte. Crucible experiences will force you to question what matters.

A crucible moment will ask you to walk right up to the edge …. and trust that you will be okay. It’s these precise moments that make us who we are, the leader we are going to be, the woman we are going to be. It requires a transcendent mindset.

Our life is scattered with crucible moments. As you reflect on 2021, think back on the moments or experiences that anchored you and moved you to take bigger action in your life. Think of the many tests and trials you faced, in leadership, at home, during the pandemic.

Let’s give it up – we are BRAVE women. Our crucible moments can be both beautiful and significant.

Here are a few examples:

• Losing a job
• Quitting a job
• Asserting a boundary
• Saying a Firm No
• Leading a team through a Pandemic
• Facing discrimination
• Burning Out / Anxiety / Depression
• Battling an emotional or substance addiction

A big part of how we use these crucible moments is how we view them. Do we use them as fodder for a heated gripe session with a colleague? Or, do we use them to learn about ourselves, our character, our capabilities and our growth?

Face your crucible. Did it happen to you, or did it happen for you?

What will you do differently in 2022?

To Your Reflection,


PS. Interested in learning about The Crucible With Teresa Vozza? I would love to hear what your crucible moment was and how we can use those experiences to go all in on you.

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