Executive Coaching for Women

Executive Coaching for Women

You Don’t Need a Coach!

Wait, what? Am I committing career suicide by claiming this?

Maybe. Maybe not. One thing I do know is that coaching is a saturated market, and the sheer number of coaches on the market makes it very difficult to understand just what we do exactly. But before I get into that, let me be very clear.

Coaching is not for everyone.

No one NEEDS a Coach. I believe all women are entirely resourceful, capable, and whole. Based on this strong belief, I also believe you are capable of achieving whatever you set out to do. You can do this without me or any other Coach.

I will not go around claiming that coaching will change your life because quite simply, the type of coaching I practise is not for everyone. Mindset Coaching is ONLY for those brave souls who can honestly answer yes to the following two questions.

  1. Do you have a burning desire to change an aspect of your life – personally or professionally? Have you tried and failed several times before?
  2. Are you WILLING to do whatever is asked of you in order to achieve results of the permanent kind and not the short term “get fit in 5 steps” kind of way?

Yes. Then, you are my type of client.

That’s it. The reason I coach is to help my clients achieve demonstrable results faster and more effectively than they could have done on their own. All Coaching is about change. I help you change.

That’s it. No magical elixir. No promises of eternal happiness. No pithy statements of “following your bliss”, as well-intentioned as those statements are.

I coach women who WANT to be coached. I coach women who believe in personal investment. I coach women who want more, deserve more and ARE ready to step into greatness.

So, what DOES mindset coaching do for you?

Mindset Coaching is an INNER GAME. “So within, so without”.

How do I help you, exactly?

  • I show you how to pattern interrupt. I interrupt how YOU have been thinking about you
  • I show how you how to “try less” and “do more”
  • I show you how to uncover, discover, and discard “self-sabotaging” behaviours and habits
  • I create break-throughs in your dominant thought patterns
  • I uncover limiting beliefs and show you how to systematically free yourself from mediocrity

Simple, but not easy. All change requires stepping out of your comfort zone. All coaching requires that you remain open, honest, and teachable. If there is one thing I guarantee all my clients, is that if you DO the work, you will 100% achieve results.

Without question.

Want to learn more? Sign up for my Masterclass on Sept. 13th or just shoot me a note. I love talking to highly motivated women.

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